Shoal Bay Receiving Station (Department of Defence) – A Class Removal and Demolition Works

Shoal Bay Darwin NT A-Class Asbestos Removal and Demolition

Darwin Asbestos and Demolition (DAD) was contracted to demolish an Air Handling Unit and associated duct work through the plant room/offices of the Shoal Bay Receiving Station. Due to the discovery of remnant Friable asbestos insulation in the plant room, the entire process was conducted as an A Class Removal project.

DAD set up the facility to create an airtight enclosure with negative air pressure units to ensure no release of internal dust/contaminants. A team of (8) A Class asbestos removalists then carried out the demolition works, asbestos removal, and a subsequent top down clean of the entire facility.

Completed ahead of schedule, the project was issued with a Clearance Certificate by a third party Environmental Hygienist after intensive inspection/ air sampling.